Black Hills Paintball

Gel Blaster

What is Gel Blaster?

Gelball is for players 6 years old and up. Gel Blaster’s no mess, Gellets® burst on impact and evaporate in 30 minutes or less. Made using an all-natural, non-toxic, water-base, non-irritating, starch material that bursts on contact and immediately starts to evaporate. No stains, no residue, and no mess.

What do Gellets feel like?

Provides just enough sting to make it exciting! it feels like getting hit with a rubber band—a quick, minor sting. you probably won’t even notice because you’ll be too busy laughing.

Gel-ball party includes:

8 guns – 8 masks

8 passes/smaller fields only

1 referee

2 hours or shoot 30, 000 rounds whichever comes first but we will try our best to wear them out for you. –

$200 w/cash or $219 w/card.

Per extra player $25 w/cash and $27.38

(Must have a reservation)!!!

It would be great if the reservation was made at least a week in advance but I would check availability anyways just because sometimes groups drop and we can fit your group in (Sometimes).

All Gel-ball reservations will have to be called in and approved in advance. Just so we can go over everything and how it all works.

call Steve at 605-484-0777