Black Hills Paintball

Contact/Reservations Information

To make a reservation or if you need any information about Black Hills Paintball and how it all works. Message us at any of these social platforms: 

Instagram – Blackhillspaintball.1

Email –     

PM, DM, or the best way is just to call  Steve at 605-484-0777. We only take reservations over the phone. We’re also going to need a major credit card to hold your spot. We will only charge your card $100 Non refundable fee If you don’t show up for your reservation and not let us know ahead of time. So basically if you just show up for your reservation the fee is waved. The weather is understandable but just a chance of wind or a little snow or acid rain, maybe a tornado we can still set up if your group wants to play. we understand we’re diehards too. We do it all the time. If it’s down pouring rain or snowing and below 40° that’s totally understandable and we will wave the fee because who wants to be in that anyways? Not this guy!

We are Open Thursday – Sunday 9am – 6pm with Reservations We start Our rental groups either at 9am – 12pm 12pm – 3pm 3pm – 6pm close

Everyone that come out to the field and is going to stay even if your not playing you will still need to fill out a waiver. under 18 yrs of age you will need your parent/guardian to sign the bottom of your waiver as well as your signature. Relatives in host of the party cannot sign for someone else’s kids. It must be their parent or legal guardians signature.

If you have any questions about Tank hydro testing or parents/players what Paintball or Airsoft guns your looking at online even if your not buying them from us and we’ll try to help in any way we can.

We are located at 2472 Forest Place, Rapid City, SD. Click below for directions.