Black Hills Paintball

Big Team Battle

Some things you should know about the BTB, It’s not a paintball tournament what so ever.. everyone is split evenly. If you come with a group or a friend yes you can play with them or against them up to you.  It’s just for fun we’re not out for blood here at all just want to have a good time with old friends and maybe make some new ones.We have players from all over the 5 state area come to play.

 It’s a 2 day event 

The Big Team Battle scenario is a fun time for the family members 13 and up. Individuals or groups are welcome to join in on the fun. Each team works together to complete missions to earn as many points as they can to win the right to be called the best in the Black Hills and the Big trophy We give out trophies to the Winning general and the runner up general, MVP from both sides and most improved player. We also give away lots of free prizes.  It only happens twice a year usually early June and early October.

It pays to PREREGISTER For your spot early.. We use the Early bird method which is fairly better deal usually. Bonus if you can you register for both days you get free lunch.

 We extend the fields boundaries and add a few flags because we open the whole field end to end. One Big Map and one Big Battle! There are only 2 teams so you will have to decide who will you fight for 

Gangster’s – Blue –  General  TBD

Gunslingers –  Red – General TBD

Rules and regulations

Generals meeting – 9am – I’m only going over the rules/points/boundaries once. So be there. 

We start the event at 10am – 4:00pm

There will be drinks and lunch served by the 

Frostbite paintball team. 

Each player must wear one armband of their teams color and one band  of their teams color around the feed neck of the players hopper.  

There are different colored steel posts all over the field. Your general/team can decide what post your going to try to do the mission at. Each mission must be completed no further that 10ft away from the post. You have 60 minutes to complete the mission after the whistle is blown. Your team can do 2 missions each hour to accumulate points. 

We usually use 100 pieces or less puzzles and legos for our mission.       

They have to stay inside the orange circle while piecing it all together and only have a hour to do it. Hoping the other team doesn’t see you and shoot you out. If they do happen to shoot you out you would just have to go your team’s spawn Tag back in and finish it.

Then relay the message back to your general so he can come check it out and confirm it for the points.  That”s the whole teamwork part.  your team has to help you hold that spot know what’s going on relay messages back and forth to get the job done and receive their points. 

Gangster’s points – Blue Side 

  Green post   – 100 points 

  Yellow post  –   50 points

  Gray post.    -.  25 points

 Red&blue.     -.  25 points 

Gunslingers points – Redside 

 Grey post     –   100 points 

Red&blue      -.     50 points 

 Yellow post. –      25 points

 Green post   -.     25 points

If one team pushes the other team back to that  spawn and holds them there for 

10 minutes                                   –  100 points 

Win the final battle on Sunday  –  250 points 

 4 golf balls will be placed on the field per day worth                                             –  75 points  

Each team can pick one player for a medic. 

Medics must have yellow armbands on both arms.  The medics job is to run around and revive his teammates that are down just buy touching the down player anywhere. Once that happens the player is back in the game and able to start shooting again.. -0- points for shooting medic but a kill Is a kill. 

War stick Horses: 

There are 2 horse rider’s. The only player that can shoot them out is the other horse rider as long as your trotting like a horse. If the horse rider is just walking around (not trotting) then any player can shoot them out.  

Horse rider kills – 0 – points but they are fun to shoot at. 


can only travel straight from one pad to another pad. As long as you don’t let go of the guy in front of you until you reach the other pad . Once everybody is inside the pad they can let go and take off behind enemy lines.  As soon as you let go of the person in front of you only then can you be shot out of the helicopter and have to the start at the pad again. Helicopters have to walk in a single file line slow and cannot hide behind any obstacles.   So don’t let go even if your being shot at.  -0- points for shooting down a helicopter but it sure is fun to make them jump around. 

Safety rules:

The safety rules are posted at Black Hills Paintball On the right hand outside of the pro shop in detail. Every player will need to read them before you can enter the paintball field. 

 A kill is a paintball mark about the size of a nickel usually with a little shell in it anywhere on your head, body, marker, or anything attached to you when you were hit.  Splatter doesn’t count. 

Infinite respawns while game is in play. You just have to tag back up on whatever side you started on. 

Games last an hour long then a short break in-between. Only the head ref starts and stops games and has the final say on all calls. We break for lunch but it’s a short break. 

Whistles will be blown by the refs to start and stop games. 

No player can start or stop games only referees are allowed

Shooting the Refs on purpose and is a violation of safety protocols and you will be asked to leave immediately. 

If we catch you with any outside paint not bought at the event you will be asked to leave immediately.

 If we catch you with your gun tools out on the field during play you will be asked to leave immediately. Get your gun worked on and teched before you play on the field.

All guns are aloud to ramp but need to be set at 275 fps or less. 

10.5 bps and you will be checked so tech your gun  before because unless they’re set at these settings you will not be allowed on the field with it. . 

Pump or mag fed markers 290 fps or less 

 There will be a Chrono station available the fields tools will be there for your use and a REF will Chrono  your marker before we play in the morning – sometime around noon – sometime in the afternoon 

One of the BH paintball employees will fill your airtank if one is not available you have to wait till someone is available to assist you. Never do it yourself! 

Barrel covers will be on everyone’s gun behind the netting in the staging area at all times. Do not discharge marker behind the netting in the staging area without a barrel cover. If you need to discharge your marker the paintball field is the place to do it. 

We will go through all the rules and boundaries at the General’s meeting each morning at 9:00 a.m.

If you miss the General’s meeting then it sucks to be you because I’m only doing it once.

If you would like more information please call. Or email Steve – 605-484- 0777