Black Hills Paintball

Adult Paintball

Adult paintball is for players 13 years and up. Its more about fast paced strategizing while having a blast and getting some good exercise. Must make a reservation with a minimum of six players.     

Blackhawk package 

Mask, marker, gravity hopper

air/field entry

500 paintballs 

$37.00 cash or $40.52 w/card

Active military only – $34 cash or $36.52 w/card

Great shooting more bang for your buck. 

Sniper Package

Mask, sniper marker gravity hopper

All-day air/entry, tank 

500 paintballs

$55 cash or $58.58 w/card

Active military only – $50 cash or $54.90 w/card

If you’re looking for distance, this is the package for you. Definitely get the hopper upgrade for $10. 

Speedball Package

Mask, single trigger speedball marker, upgraded barrel, air/field entry

2 pods and holster if it fits

1,000 paintballs

$75 cash or $82.12 w/card

Active military one – $68.00 or $73.80 w/ card

Mini (light machine gun) package     

Mini Marker – shoots 12 balls a second   

Electro hopper, carbon fiber tank

Air/entry, 2000 paintballs, pod belt and pods

$100 cash or $106.50 w/card 

If you want dominate this one’s for you! 

Upgrade your hopper to an electronic Hopper and never miss an opportunity! – $10.00

Extra paintballs:

We have all the paintballs or airsoft BB’s you could ever want so please leave your ammo at home. Besides, all rentals come with fresh ammo already.